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Project Management is the method of balancing customer requirements against company goals and objectives while focusing the organization’s resources on the project.

Project Management is a method for managing services and products. One person known as the “Project
Manager” is in-charge of the complete time line, (from conception to completion), for a service or product.

The Project Manager will have control over managing scope, time, cost, quality, human resources,  communication, risk, procurement, and integration for the services or products. A project size can range from $1000.00 to billions of dollars.

Examples of a project:Project Management outline

  •   developing a new product
  •   adding a new service
  •   installing a new computer
  •   building a hotel
  •   designing and building an aircraft
  •   starting a business
  •   expanding a business

As you can see, just about anything can be a project if it has a start date and a finish date. Project management uses phases to track major project milestones. The four major phases of a project are concept,
planning, implementation, and close-out. Depending on the size and type phases.

Project Management methods are used by many types of companies from small business to large billion  dollar companies. Even a one person company can use project management to help them become organized, manage their projects within budget, and on schedule.

Project Management is just a different way of managing people, products and services. Companies find they are better able to focus on product development by having each product or service handled as a project. The customers are very happy, because they only have one person to deal with when they have questions and concerns. The firms are excited by the additional profits generated by keeping the new product development on schedule and under budget.

Project Management is a proven method for developing, designing, implementing, and producing products and services at the lowest cost and in the shortest time possible. By using Project Management tools and process, you will improve your company’s profits and improve your customer relationships.

How can it help my company?
Companies who use project management report:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing company profits.
  • Completing products on schedule.
  • Completing products on budget.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction.
  • Decreasing redundancies in process.
  • Increasing usefulness of company’s computer hardware and software.

Will Project Management help my relationship with my customers?
Project Management gives your company greater flexibility in reacting to customer needs.

Will Project Management increase company profits?
The Project Management process has saved companies millions of dollars! Companies of
all sizes can benefit and find rewards in implementing project management process.

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