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What are the biggest benefits of formalized Project Management (PM)?

  • One interface between customer and suppliers.
  • Project tracking from start to finish; nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Dynamic updates on project profitability.
  • Expedited updates and corrections when a challenge occurs.
  • Improvement of overall project management.

How PM affects the bottom line of an organization?

60% of companies only assess profitability quarterly.

Formal project management identifies which project(s) are successful, and which need to be halted or modified because they are losing money.

Why we feel our course content is superior to others who provide PM training?

  • We have a training book that is useful during training, and can be used by the student as a reference book after course completion.
  •  Our table of contents, index, and glossary serve as a good reference in future.  Most of our competition simply duplicates the overhead slides (used in training).
  • We have instructors with real life experience managing projects.  This way they can answer students’ questions decisively and completely.

Why does formal PM work, regardless of the industry?

  • PMI ® Project Management theory is standard from industry to industry.
  • The detail of a project’s WBS will be different, but operating method is the same on all projects.  Every project has a concept, plan, execute, and closeout phase.

Why is Project Management important to organizational communication?

  • 70% of projects fail due to lack of communication.
  • Keeping stakeholders informed is very important, to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities on the project.  Its very important for all communication to pass through the project manager.  This way the PM knows everything at a high level, and can report clearly and concisely to stakeholders.

Why is it important to have a software-scheduling tool?

  • A scheduling tool helps the project manager maintain schedule and cost.
  • Scheduling software performs calculations to show the critical paths on the project. The software also informs when a task will be late and why.
  • When set up and used correctly PM software instantly tracks and shows resource availability and possible conflicts.

Why is PMP certification important to an individual or organization?

  • PMP certification helps increase a PM’s earnings, and secure better employment.
  • Organizations benefit by assuring a minimum skill set in each employee and standardized operating procedures.
  • Employee efficiency increases with improved competency.

Benefits of our PMP certification program:

  • Our program covers all information students need to know to pass the PMP certification exam.

Benefits of our on-site training:

  • We tailor training to our customer’s needs.
  •  We routinely use a real life project from our client’s current projects.

Benefits of our customizing training:

  • Using our customer’s forms and projects in training provides instant recognition and a comfort level to the students.

Why executive buy-in is important to setting up a PMO or Training:

  • Executive buy-in is critical as they will need to require PM’s to implement the training they learned.

For more information on how you can get up to speed go to our Project Management Training page.